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Java PacificAs a developing country, Indonesia still continue to do development in all fields. Included in infrastructure development. The success of the sustainable development of infrastructure, not separated from the support of all parties. One is the support of industries that produce material of construction materials.

Steel is one material that is needed in the construction of infrastructure and buildings. From year to year, demand for steel products increased along with the rapid development of infrastructure. That’s why on March 1, 2012, PT Java Pacific started production as a positive response to the increasing need for quality steel.

We are a company engaged in manufacturing hot rolled coil which stands on an area of  more than 150,000 m2 in the village of Keboharan, Sidoarjo, Indonesia. With a passion to build the country by providing quality steel products, we always do the development in various fields in order to achieve the best quality products and service to customers.


  • Become a major player in the steel industry and most innovative partners in providing quality steel products.


  • Committed to providing products, services and best prices for customers
  • Intensively innovating and applying modern technology and strict quality control to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Appreciating the role of employees as the company’s assets by always doing the development of human resource competencies.
  • Provide maximum benefit to all stakeholders